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  • Episode 47: Findom

    Returning guest Buster is joined by Bootblack Touko to Discuss the ins and outs of what a Healthy Findom relationship can look like. We discuss: - What is a turn on about using money for domination and the psychology of money as a form of power. -...

  • Episode 46: Musk

    Today we talk about musk! The wonderful world of scent play.What is musk 0.43The psychology of a scent fetish 3.15The science of scent 4.42Play suggestions 10.12safety 15.28To contact the show, we can be found at:...

  • Episode 45: Cybersex and Teledildonics

    This episode we talk about all the fun you can have in front of a webcam, all the shiny new internet enabled toys available and how to maintain Dom/sub dynamics over a distance.

  • Episode 44: Electro

    In the First of our 2020 season, we have Zentai Spot on to talk us through everything you need to know about Electro play.

  • Episode 43: Cringe Sex Stories

    We read through listeners most embarrassing sex stories and talk about what went wrong and what can be learned from them.

  • Episode 42 Bloodplay and Vampires

    As a bit of seasonal fun for Halloween, we Have returning guest Eddie on to talk about his interest in bloodplay and Vampires!Check out the NSFW twitter choose your own adventure created by my friend Ox:...

  • kb livestream: Event Drop

    Recording of our Livestream on ways to plan for event drop

  • Episode 41: Chastity 2: Keyholder Boogaloo

    Arhzur takes us through chastity play from the dom's side. We talk about how to keep a boy in chastity, the appeal of chastity, how to size up a boys cage correctly and safety concerns.Contact us: twitter:...

  • Episode 40: Listener Mail on gimp play and balloon fetishes

    support us on patreon: week we answer listener mail!1:53- Tristian asks about Gimps, Drones, and the relationship between rubber and leather 25:21- Ray writes in to talk about His balloon popping...

  • Episode 39: Mr Leather UK Part 2

    Continuing on with our discussion about the issues facing the leather community we Talk about how to keep spaces for LGBT+ and kink communities both in the real world and online. We also delve into the role Community Titles play as platforms for change.