65: When you’re a Dog, not a Puppy

Kinkyboys Podcast
Kinkyboys Podcast
65: When you're a Dog, not a Puppy

The wonderful Banjo joins us today to talk through many topics, but first and foremost why he considers himself a Dog, not a Puppy. We also go over banjo’s more niche fetishes, talk about our pop culture sexual awakenings, and his experience being bisexual on the kink scene.

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2 Replies to “65: When you’re a Dog, not a Puppy”

  1. Pup Rogue

    Loved this episode so much. I’ve been in the “pup” scene for 20 years and banjo hit the nail on the head. I’m way more a dog than a pup (especially at 52).

    About your “Pearl” analogy, there is a theory that says when we are very young our body will produce surges of hormones that are the building blocks of what will eventually become our libido. And there are times when we are seeing or experiencing something at the exact moment one of these surges happens and it imprints on us so that we start to connect that thing with the feelings the surge of hormones gives us, even if we are too young to understand what that feeling is. I don’t know if this has ever been proven or disproven but it always made sense to me.

    My pop culture awakening was from watching reruns of the 1960’s Batman tv show with Adam West. Batman and Robin were always being tied up or restrained in the most over the top ways. But what really stuck with me was how they were always a victim of mind control. Hypnosis/brainwashing/mind control is my biggest fetish and these guys were always being hypnotized or put under love spells. Even Alfred got brainwashed by the Penguin to shoot Batman and I remember actually being disappointed that he wasn’t turned into a super villain because my big interest is in behavior modification and even at an early age I wanted to see someone totally brainwashed and given a new personality.

    • Kinkyboys Admin

      I am really glad Banjo’s talk on being a dog in the pup scene spoke to you.

      Tanks for the information on the science behind growing libidos. ill have to look further into it, as a think it would make a good subject to talk about.

      finally, your pop culture awakenings was really hot. As a fellow hypno enthusiast, i can totally see the appeal.

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