66: 24/7 Slavery

Kinkyboys Podcast
Kinkyboys Podcast
66: 24/7 Slavery

Slave Phil joins us to talk about Slavery as a lifestyle. We cover how he became a 24/7 slave, what to look for in a relationship, the challenge of maintaining roles in a long-term relationship, how a power exchange relationship can help you develop and what red flags to look out for when picking a Dominant.

Slave Phil’s podcast and coaching can be found on his website, https://masterslavelifestyle.com/

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2 Replies to “66: 24/7 Slavery”

  1. Subquisoumit

    Hi! Really appreciated the insight on this episode, I’m a 33 year old slave who is way to scared to come out within my social circle and family. You definitely helped me push forward on my desires/wants and needs. Thank you from Montreal

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