66: 24/7 Slavery

Kinkyboys Podcast
Kinkyboys Podcast
66: 24/7 Slavery

Slave Phil joins us to talk about Slavery as a lifestyle. We cover how he became a 24/7 slave, what to look for in a relationship, the challenge of maintaining roles in a long-term relationship, how a power exchange relationship can help you develop and what red flags to look out for when picking a Dominant.

Slave Phil’s podcast and coaching can be found on his website, https://masterslavelifestyle.com/

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10 Replies to “66: 24/7 Slavery”

  1. Subquisoumit

    Hi! Really appreciated the insight on this episode, I’m a 33 year old slave who is way to scared to come out within my social circle and family. You definitely helped me push forward on my desires/wants and needs. Thank you from Montreal

  2. Simon

    Hi! really appreciate your podcast, even if english is not my main language it was very helpful read with transcripts! I have a question: how you can introduce the topic to family? I’m in a relationship since 6 year, 2 as slave and my circle friend know all. My family is supportive and know 90% of my life but not this and I would like to… Any advice?

    • Simon

      Sir, I saw you bring out this topic on twitter! Thanks a lot even if no other userhad similar experience. Any advice from you? Just to clarify this is only because we really want my family to be involved (not sexually of course) in the transformation process.

      • Kinkyboys Admin

        So I have no personal experience with coming out about power exchange relationships to family. The best advice I can offer is to take it slow and come out to them over time, as it will probably be a big adjustment for them. You would probably also need to be ready for possible rejection over this. Sorry I can’t be more help with this.

        • Simon

          Thanks for your kindness Sir! We are planning to introduce the topic this weekend. I don’t think they will reject me but probably they will have a lot of questions. Thanks again

        • Simon

          Sir, I did it. It went better than expected! I cried so bad but I replyed to all their questions! So happy! I did as you suggested, this will take time but ice is broken

          • Kinkyboys Admin

            That is so great to hear. I’m really happy for you and you are able to fully be yourself with your family.

  3. Clive

    Well, I’ve just discovered this site and I’m half way through listening to the conversation with the slave about his 24/7 lifestyle and I’m just blown away with joy right now to discover some men speaking with intelligence and experience and insight, speaking about stuff which I not only recognise but have experienced in a way on my own. In particular of relevance and importance to me is the ‘spiritual’ aspect of my life as a Dom/Master, but also resonances with the presenter who is a health professional, with the need for commitment to do good and not harm with our sexual power and natures, with the need for self-awareness, the fact that we need to regard this way of life as part of our legitimate journeys etc.

    Wow, I can’t wait to find out more about all this! What a change from when I first heard about Master/slave lifestyle at a GayFest in 1982, when I was first on my feet after the slave had finished speaking about it to say,
    “This sounds to me like apeing the worst excesses of patriarchal oppression” (after which I went home and got the hardest boner I’d had in my then 25 years of life)

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