Episode 18: Consent

Kinkyboys Podcast
Kinkyboys Podcast
Episode 18: Consent

WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of consent violations both factual and fictitious.
Today Adam and Craig delve into the ins and outs of Consent and kink and BDSM play. From the basics of pre play negotiation and continued consent to more advanced topics and unique issues with consent in kink and BDSM play.

Basic consent ideas

How to have a Pre scene discussion

What’s the difference between hard limits and soft limits

Be ready to clearly set ideas, don’t be vague

Talk about the reasons behind your limits, don’t just give a laundry list.

Absence of no isn’t the same as yes. The ‘enthusiastic yes’ concept

Explain the concept of Continued consent

Ongoing discussions in a scene. Both the tops and bottoms responsibility

The traffic light system

Advanced consent ideas

Dangers of shifting limits in subspace

Dangers of going nonverbal

Playing without a safeword

Implicit expectations of play spaces, darkrooms/orgy rooms ect, knowing the space.

Clear ways to give nonverbal consent

Clear ways to show nonverbal refusal of Consent

How to protect yourself

The difficulty with grey areas of consent

Violation without a deliberate violator

Our thoughts on how to handle  these events as a sub

Our thoughts on how to handle events if you’re the top in question

The concept of rashomon in conflict

For further exploration of these issues and concepts, I highly recommend these episodes of Graydancer’s Ropecast


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