Episode 54: Hypno 2, Going Deeper

Kinkyboys Podcast
Kinkyboys Podcast
Episode 54: Hypno 2, Going Deeper

We revisit erotic hypnosis and talk with David, a professional Erotic hypnotist, to pick his brain on the subject.

David takes us through what hypnosis is, and the many ways you can safely use it.

We also talk about his own efforts to build a space for the online community of guys into the fetish.

You can join up to his site at hypnoguys.com

and find his personal profile here

Or email him at hairyhypnotist@gmail.com

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3 Replies to “Episode 54: Hypno 2, Going Deeper”

  1. Jakob Rost

    Your right about so much lot – but there is one thing, that is wrong and can be dangerous.
    Please, don’t listen to mp3s with looping-affirmations like: “You are great”!!! “Positive Thinking” is pseudo-science. It actually makes most people more un-happy. Here’s the short why:
    If you listen to a tape that tells you “you are confident” on a loop, what you are suggesting to yourself is this more than that. In context it is: “I have so little confidence, that I have to endlessly reassure myself that I do.” Imaging a women walking around mumbling “I’m confident” to herself all the time… Feels like the opposite doesn’t it?
    An affirmations always contains it’s opposite. “You are beautiful” contains the suggestion “You could be ugly.” Your mind is critical. You don’t just swallow information. You process it. Even when hypnotized.

    I tried the loops myself with creepy results… I used an mp3 that with workout-affirmations. All my life I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week – but i wanted to increase that. It worked a little at the start, but then there was this Friday. I got scared: I literally wasn’t capable of moving the weights.
    It went away after some initial panic and when i stopped to tapes, but I still went to a (real, professional, studied) psychologist to understand what was going on. He wasn’t surprised. I had externalized my motivation. Suddenly it wasn’t me, but these suggestions from a tape, that wanted to work out. The loops made me completely confused and insecure about what I really want and that just locked me up.
    Point being: Motivation needs to be internal – and looped repetition doesn’t provide that. It’s just gonna make you feel like your thoughts aren’t your own. It’s potentially dangerous and can induce dissociation. That’s what I had experienced at the gym.
    Hypnosis can provide internal motivation to some extend, but only if a session is done as a dialog and in a professional way that recognizes you as a person and the complexity of reality. Otherwise you’re just producing temporary effects that can be fun and really hot. I still love the kink. But to manifest lasting change suggestions aren’t really a good tool. They will always feel “external”.

    What hypnosis can do exceptionally well is create false memories. I think therein lies the biggest danger. Remembering something is always re-imagining it. In a very suggestive and imaginative state like hypnosis people are very likely to fabricate memories if they are pressured for it. Those memories will feel real to them and might influence them in terrible ways. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanic_panic#False_memories

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