Speaker: Arhzur

  • 57: Pony Play with Mr Kristofer

    The Internets favorite daddy Kristofer Weston joins us today to talk to us about his interest in pony play.

  • Episode 53: Dungeon Design

    How to design your own playspace

  • Episode 45: Cybersex and Teledildonics

    This episode we talk about all the fun you can have in front of a webcam, all the shiny new internet enabled toys available and how to maintain Dom/sub dynamics over a distance.

  • Episode 44: Electro

    In the First of our 2020 season, we have Zentai Spot on to talk us through everything you need to know about Electro play.

  • Episode 41: Chastity 2: Keyholder Boogaloo

    Arhzur takes us through chastity play from the dom's side. We talk about how to keep a boy in chastity, the appeal of chastity, how to size up a boys cage correctly and safety concerns.Contact us: kinkyboyspodcast@gmail.com twitter:...

  • Episode 40: Listener Mail on gimp play and balloon fetishes

    support us on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kinkyboyspodThis week we answer listener mail!1:53- Tristian asks about Gimps, Drones, and the relationship between rubber and leather 25:21- Ray writes in to talk about His balloon popping...

  • Episode 34: Hypno

    This episode we cover hypnosis. What is it and what fun can be had.

  • Episode 33: Abuse in BDSM relationships

    It is with a lot of sadness that with recent events in the BDSM community, we felt it necessary to cover this topic. please be warned this episode contains discussions of abusive behaviors.If you are at risk please dont hesitate to use the...

  • Episode 28: Canibal Roleplay

    Today we Explore a unique roleplaying fetish with Porkchop and Beaux, who will be talking us through the in's and outs of rolpalying a canibal scene, from setting the mood to kitchenware props and explaining the underlying turn ons and psychology...

  • Episode 27: Cigar Play with Daddy T

     Today we talk all about cigars with the president of the Manchester leathermen Daddy T. We go through all the types of play cigars can be used for, what to expect for your first experience and safety concerns. We also talk in depth about how to get...