Speaker: Buster

  • 66: 24/7 Slavery

    Slave Phil joins us to talk about the joys and challenges of being a slave 24/7

  • Halloween Bonus: Monsterfucking

    This Halloween, we three hosts gather to discuss Monsterfucking. Orcs, Demons, aliens, tentacles and cryptids in depth. Links mentioned:  Orc Teeth: http://www.chrisd.com/teeth  Chris Drummondshttps://www.instagram.com/chrisdrummonds/?hl=en sexy Satan statue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_g%C3%A9nie_du_mal Bouncer pup’s […]

  • 60: Help! My partner is Kinky

    Have you just found out your partner has a fetish that you previously had no idea about? We're here to help.

  • 58: SHAME!

    A listener email leads us to talk at length about internalized shame.

  • 56: Listener Mail on Findom, Part 2

    Our second episode on our listener mail. We talk at length about if Findom is a form of sex-work and go off on a weird little tangent on bitcoin paypal.me/musculature […]

  • 55: Listener mail on Findom, Part 1

    We received a lot of feedback about Buster’s Findom episode, so we have dedicated an episode (well, it ended up being 2 episodes long) to answer your questions and one […]

  • Episode 49: Cop Uniforms in The Time of BLM

    Today we discuss origin and changing societal contexts around fetishising police uniforms.

  • Episode 48: When To Stop

    This Episode we do a deep dive into knowing when to stop. We talk limits, consent considerations how to set healthy boundaries with other and within yourself. Most importantly how to recognize when things are getting a bit out of hand. CW: this...

  • Episode 47: Findom

    Returning guest Buster is joined by Bootblack Touko to Discuss the ins and outs of what a Healthy Findom relationship can look like. We discuss: - What is a turn on about using money for domination and the psychology of money as a form of power. -...

  • Episode 39: Mr Leather UK Part 2

    Continuing on with our discussion about the issues facing the leather community we Talk about how to keep spaces for LGBT+ and kink communities both in the real world and online. We also delve into the role Community Titles play as platforms for change.