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  • Patreon bonus: Kinky Anthropology

    Sign up for access to this exclusive episode! Leatherboy David joins us once again to talk through the basics of anthropology, and then we look at what makes The […]

  • 66: 24/7 Slavery

    Slave Phil joins us to talk about the joys and challenges of being a slave 24/7

  • Letter From The Editor | December 21 A new behind the scenes post for our patrons. Become a Patron!

  • 65: When you’re a Dog, not a Puppy

    The wonderful Banjo joins us today to talk through many topics, but first and foremost why he considers himself a Dog, not a Puppy. We also go over banjo’s more […]

  • 64: Kinky Business with Fetishdaddy Gear

    This week Craig sits down with Ollie from fetishdaddy gear as we hear why and how he got into making fetish gear. Artwork by Matt spike You can find fetish […]

  • Halloween Bonus: Monsterfucking

    This Halloween, we three hosts gather to discuss Monsterfucking. Orcs, Demons, aliens, tentacles and cryptids in depth. Links mentioned:  Orc Teeth:  Chris Drummonds sexy Satan statue Bouncer pup’s […]

  • 63: Trampling

    Logan joins our host Craig to talk the listeners through the fetish of trampling. What it is and how to get into it safely. Logan also talks about setting up […]

  • 62: Kinky and Autistic

    Si from the teabags and joystixxx podcast comes over to talk about a very big, and very personal topic for the both of us. We go through how being on […]

  • 61: Kink and Work

    We look at ways to ensure two parts of your life don't clash, and what to do to keep yourself safe from employers finding out about your kinky life.

  • 60: Help! My partner is Kinky

    Have you just found out your partner has a fetish that you previously had no idea about? We're here to help.